FormTabDlg Menu poping out instead of TOP view

Good Morning,

I have a surten surtcuts that makes my work easy, one of them is the _TOP but lately i think after installing both “Clayoo, visualARQ” am not sure which one is the reason but i think VisualARQ

Now i have a “FormTabDlg” when even i write TT shortcut
I checked the list and it is still TT > TOP i can not remove it and i do not know where to look, please advice me

In attacment you find a photo of the Menu also the Aliases in TXT form

Thank you in advance
Abdulkader Baradi

Aliases.txt (9.0 KB)

Hi Abdulkader - I guess I would disable each of the plug-ins in turn and then restart Rhino and see if the alias works. To disable a plug-in, open Options > Plug-ins page and uncheck the box in the ‘Enabled’ column. If you can tell which plug-in is causing the problem it will be easier to direct the report to the right people.


Please excuse me i won’t be able to report back which one was it, I had a technical problem and i backed up all my files and formatted my Laptop, Excuse me for wasting your precious time.

NOTE: checking and disabling plugins one by one is a smart move thank you.

Kind Regards
Abdulkader Baradi