Forms and components

It seems that a year has passed, but I still implemented this model :sweat_smile: This is my first work in Grasshopper 3D! Now I can calmly play with the parameters and enjoy the results that I got with such difficulty :expressionless:, of course at the output clean NURBS surfaces (closed polysurfaces). I would still be a good 3D printer for complete happiness :slightly_smiling_face:

Rhinoceros 6 + V-Ray 3.6 + Photoshop

To be continued …



Now a special fragment, + you can see it in various modes :slightly_smiling_face:


Time for opportunity! :slightly_smiling_face: Just some of the available options: the radius of the sphere, the number and height of the elements, smoothing the edges and destroying the final result. And now the deepening …

The system is based on several curves, which I calmly determine through the parameters: circle radius, radius / smoothing mode …

It all starts with curves (on a plane), here I control the generation of the primary structure, and I can easily edit the scan:

Smoothing outside, it’s not as easy as I would like. :neutral_face: There are a couple of radius modes and several smoothing modes … Fixing mode calculates the allowable smoothing radius, within which I will already work, when in Value mode I just enter any value. Internal smoothing is similar! :ok_hand:

Everything is simple with destructions, of course they are generated, and I can easily control the power and form of these destruction: :partying_face:


Great stuff! Now, you can reproduce the wikipedia logo with grasshopper. :slight_smile:

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Thank! :smiley: And I’m surprised that you thought about Wikipedia, there is very little similarity. Is it really so easy to trace the relationship? To be honest, it was Wikipedia that pushed me to this job :slightly_smiling_face:

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On the way to the result, I reworked the components of the definition many times (sometimes by my own stupidity :neutral_face:), this is still the first model, and of course the algorithms were developed from scratch. Several times I was about to quit this case (horribly :frowning_face:), but I nevertheless crawled to the current result. I still have a lot of cool ideas for developing the project, the same Fixing mode only works with a number of 1 element (such an unpleasant fact). But I was already somehow tired (generally tormented with GH :disappointed:), then serious motivation is needed for work.

And thank you so much (who helped me in becoming), simply: β€œForum, thanks!” :slightly_smiling_face: