Format of commands entered in alerter, and autosave properties

What format do you list command in the alerter options, or the autosave options in rhino options???

I cannot seem to figure this out.

More specifically, how do you enter multiple commands in the options?

How about macros, can macros with options be included???

Are they case sensitive?


I just cant seem to get an alert going, and cannot seem to figure out how to tell if autosave is saving before a command listed in options and I know I have the formatting wrong.

Not really a huge deal, but the autosave before option is to me as another thread here mentions how to avoid losing data

autosave thread


I have a macro I use as a custom command button which takes a long time to complete,
Having a sound to notify when it’s finished would be great so I can get on with other work without constantly checking up on it.

I have added the .wav file, but am not sure what to type in the ‘commands to watch’ box,

the name of the macro? or the entire script which is pasted in the command text box?
I can’t find a clear tutorial on this.


Hello - I have not experimented much with this myself, and not with macros, but I think put in the command(s) from the macro that takes a long time.