Format Numbers with , 1000's. ie: 100,000,000

Any tips on changing default scientific notation to typical number formatting?

If it is for just simple integer-format numbers in text you could add a C# script component with one input number with int as type hint. And one output comma_number.

The code line you need is then

comma_number = number.ToString("N0");

You can change the threshold at which scientific notation kicks in in the Preferences.

However this will affect all formatting everywhere. If it’s for specific values only, then you should use @nathanletwory’s approach.

It’s worth noting also that you can use the “N0” marker (meaning Number with 0 decimal places) or any other standard formatting identifier with the regular Expresison / Format component, no need to write a C# script for that.


Thank you all for your great answers.
Qythium - that works the best for what I need.

Thanks for the idea on the C# simple script. Clever!

Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you for this thread everyone.