Form to Perspective Shadow

Hi friends,

I’m a newer grasshopper user and I found this script that allows you to get clean lines of perspective shadows. I’ve read a lot of the older threads about this problem but most of the solutions aren’t as robust as this one. I think

I use rhino > AI workflow a lot so this is super handy.

I’ve gone through the trouble of working out most of the script except for the middle portion here. Can’t figure out what components I need to finish the script. My guess is the vertices that are projected onto the plane are connected to create surfaces, then these surfaces are use to create a shading domain??

Precedent Video

Perspective (433.1 KB)

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Hi, have you been able to resolve this script yet or found a class or tutorial on this? What is shown in the video is the exact thing I am looking for however I also struggled with trying to fill in the missing nodes.