Form mesh around shape

I have created a mesh from a topo map and wonder if it would be possible to form the mesh around another shape. Thanks in advance!

you can use the deformation tools like bend, flow, etc on meshes- not quite as powerful as say the matchmaker tool in zbrush, but it be worth giving a shot-

yes, it’s possible (i think… i don’t entirely understand what exactly you’re trying to do… maybe some images or sample .3dm files will help)…

this example is done using _FlowAlongSrf …is that something like you want?

Yes, that is what I am after. I have attached a 3dm file - I tried the FlowAlongSrf but must be doing something wrong. topo ring (2.3 MB)

There is a good thread here, take a look: FlowAlongSrf problem

You have to get a reference surface first. You do it by extracting the outer ring surface with _ExtractSrf, then unrolling it with _UnrollSrf. Scale the mesh to fit this unrolled surface exactly, then run _FlowAlongSrf, picking a corner of reference surface, and the corresponding corner of ring surface.It might take a few tries to get it right.

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Thanks Onetech~ I will try it! I was wondering if I needed to do that.
Appreciate the help!

Hi Onetech! I got this to work (a long time ago), now I am trying to recreate it with some trouble! I am not sure what I am doing wrong and I wonder if you would be able to help? The mesh either ends up too big or too small? I tried rebuilding the mesh just in case there were some defective parts of it. (5.3 MB)

Hi, Courtney! You have to place the mesh as close to the reference surface as you can.

Thanks 0netech!

Hi 0netech!
That worked! I have another problem with another surface. I made a bracelet shape but it is split in two and I have tried joining the surfaces in several different ways, but it still is two surfaces, so when I try to flow the mesh along the surface it doesn’t work. Any ideas? I am sure it is something very simple that I just don’t know about!just bracelet.3dm (254.6 KB)

Hi Courtney - use MergeSrf, in this case with Smooth=No. However, once that is done, you may want to create a temporary target surface by Rebuild on the resulting surface with a lot of points - maybe 50 in the around (U) direction. This will give Flow a nicely paramterized target surface and the results will be more accurate and consistent. You can delete the temp surface after the flow.


Thanks Pascal! I appreciate the help!