Form Finding, Genetic Algorithms & Rhino

I am performing form finding using genetic algorithms.

The aim is to generate several designs (from a parametric one) and to evaluate these design using the optimizer.

I created a model using Rhino3dmIO Toolkit but its functionality is limited, for example i cannot export to other file (is that right?)

So I decided to make a plugin, although it is not the right approach when performing optimization. The first problem is that i cannot debug (is that right?) and the other is where to put the source code (commands) as everywhere they are inactive (even in run time).

Any answers/suggestions, fully appreciated!


The first problem is that i cannot debug (is that right?)

No, you should be able to debug. Have you registered the plug-in with Rhino? The easiest way is to find the RHP file that is created after you build the plug-in and drag it on Rhino. Registration you need to do only once. Then, you can run your plug-in commands in Rhino, and debug the code in Visual Studio.

It sounds to me you have some basic set up problems. Have you read the following?

Focus on getting started and make a test plug-in with a simple command. Worry about form finding and genetic algorithms later, once you have a working Rhino plug-in.

Dear menno

thank you for your reply

what do you mean “drag it to Rhino”? could you give more details or links?

In the link you sent me i didnot found something except this

should i do all this procedure??

I have already read these and several other about rhino common, but still my question remains if its is better to use rhinocommon (plugin) or Rhino3dmIO

I know something basic I miss, but i have all the other part, working on several wide used apps

in any case, thanks a lot fr your time!

thanks & bye


If you follow these guides to install the plug-in and command templates and to create “your first plulg-in”, you can create a plug-in project in Visual Studio

And when I say register, I mean you find the plug-in file (it is in the build output of your project and has extension RHP). Then start Rhino and drag the RHP file from the folder onto Rhino.

I can’t make it more clear than this.

Since this is the first time you are running the plugin, you need to “install” it. (The RhinoCommon template has set things up so when you compile the solution an .rhp file is compiled in the bin subdirectory of the project directory.) In the Rhino command prompt type the PlugInManager command. Click the Install… button.

I missed this ok

thanks a lot!

Ok, glad I could help :smile:

sure, i gained a lot of time!
I new it was something so simple, but i could not find what

this is a first example of my code
(its a simple arc but the code can optimize any form as it is internally calls the genetic algorythms code)

thanks a lot again for your help!

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