Form after insertion of EdgeLoop


This was generated using Sweep1 of SubD.
For surfaces, I could add Knots at any position I wanted.
In the case of SubD, inserting an EdgeLoop would result in a broken shape.
In this case, is it possible to prevent the circle from losing its shape?

I can specify a segment when executing Sweep, but I may want to add an EdgeLoop during the modeling process.


This is the expected behaviour.

If you want the same “curvature” all around your object, your edge loops have to be evenly spaced. In SubD edges are added to increase definition.

Depending on what you are after, you might want to convert the SubD to a Nurbs first.

I guess the only way to do this is to have a larger number of segments beforehand, since we may want to increase the number of loops during the modeling process.

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Yes, unfortunately.

use the command - SubDivide

Subd is a sculpting process, not a precision process.

Remember you can make a model from many separate subd bits and then convert to nurbs and boolean later if you can’t get what you want from one subd.

Keep the bits simple, Subdividing is an option, but IMO it adds too much global detail where usually only local detail is required.

Often a distortion that happens when adding an edge or some local detail can be massaged out later in the process if you simply just keep going. It’s counterintuitive, when you see a “mistake” you usually stop and fix it, but with subd very often the “fix” is to just keep going and then readjust your box mode to clear up the problem later.

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I myself have not yet mastered SubD perfectly, so I think I need to verify it by making and seeing various things.