Forcing feedback within python scripts?

I’m working on a script in RhinoPython on OSX which is generating a bit of a particle system. It is working fine but takes quite some time to execute.
During the execution time, there is no feedback from Rhino telling me how it is going. Just OSX’s beachball and a ‘Application is not responding’ message in the Activity Monitor.
I’ve included some Print statements with updates but those don’t appear in the history panel until after the script has finished executing.
This is not really a bit deal, but if anyone has any ideas I’d be interested…
cheers PH

(ps: I am taking the time to write this while I wait for it to finish executing again…)

You might try inserting Rhino.RhinoApp.Wait() at the spots where you want it to report…

See this thread


Thanks Mitch,

I’ll give that a try.

cheers Peter