Force tensile cone to connect horizontally to boundary (tangent slope=0)

Hi guys,

I have a clean radial mesh and the script creates a tensile cone with U and V parameters.

I would like the U lines to connect with the boundary with a 180degrees angle (as shown in the pic), or in another way the end point of the U curve should have tangent slope = 0. Even better if I could actually control the X by deciding how long my horizontal segment has to be.

I tried several options but the cone is never really smooth.
My best try was taking the fourth V curve and using its vertices as anchor points with a very low strength, but it wasnt good enough

Thanks for your precious help!

tensile (70.7 KB)


Is this actually intended as a tensile membrane structure?
If so, then I don’t think a completely horizontal tangent at that boundary would be possible in real life.
There needs to be some tension in the membrane in both warp and weft directions, and any tension in the vertical direction will have to pull the shape down away from the top edge.

Attached is a definition showing how you can adjust warp and weft tension ratios, and also vary the prestress with height to adjust the shape, but as I say, exact horizontal tangency isn’t possible while the tension in the vertical direction is greater than zero.
tensile (33.0 KB)

If it is just the shape you are after and it isn’t actually going to be built as a stretched membrane, then there are other ways of modelling it using smoothing or bending to get the tangency you want.

Thank you daniel! The graph mapper works great and it helps manipulating the shape, it gives a good approximation of what I would like to achieve.

Actually I am just after the shape, I have to connect it to a flat adjacent surface and therefore I’d like it to arrive with a nice tangency. If it doesnt take too long could you please show me the smoothing or bending methods?

Thank you very much