Force Surface Degree During NetworkSrf

I have built all my construction curves with deg 5 curves, 6 points for U curves and 12 points for V curves. When I use network srf, it creates deg 3 UV’s. I’ve noticed this happen with other commands.

How do you make a command output a certain deg surface?

Hi Eric - you can’t… NetworkSrf does not care about the structure of the inputs- it always refits to degree 3. There are certainly cases where that would be nice but right now you cannot get around this in that command.


is there a way to draw all the isocurves and build a surface from that?

Hi Eric - no, not directly, if you want to keep the structure from the curves and you have more than the four edges defined. Among other considerations, I suppose you’d also need to have the interior curves intersect at very specific locations, for such hypothetical tool to really ‘keep’ the curve structure.


Alright…V6 Wishlist then please.