Force quit after an exception - no code used

I was just starting a simple definition. I hit he expand window button, the green one, and grasshopper went went full-screen but with the Apple bar still showing. i hit the green button again to go into real Full-screen. Then with Option key I went back to almost full screen with just the Apple bar, i am not sure of it’s technical name. I then grabbed a corner arrow to resize the grasshopper window manually. This is when i got this exception and everything was greyed out, so I had to force quit Rhino WIP.


Does the same happen if you remove 3rd party GH Add-Ons?

Hi @fraguada , I will take out all 3rd party plugins and try later. This is what I have in Grasshopper Libraries,

and in User objects,

A presto, «Randy

I will do this, since I just closed WIP

I will let you know if i get that crash again. I will use this mode for now to try out Explicit History.