Force full re-calc of current timeline?

I had an animation that RAN beautifully, ran a test sample for the client and they LOVED the result ! Client added a couple of SMALL requests, went back to my model, and for some UNKNOWN REASON, the “Turbulence” displacement had lost its settings, and the few small changes I made to 2 items animating in the assembly and I’m at 3 - 5 M.I.N.U.T.E.S between keystrokes, and where I WAS scrubbing for my checks WITH FANTASTIC success, I am now at 3 - 5 MINUTES clicking from one keyframe to the next.

I’m gonna guess that SOMETHING wasn’t saved during the last file-save and this current re-start. And THAT doesn’t EVEN deal with the 3-5 M.I.N.U.T.E.S between keystrokes, repopulating the DISPLACEMENT settings in my Turbulence. I’m guessing that keeping the settings isn’t a default setting [ :=(( ] (NO excuse for THAT), but I’ll post a request for a find for that arcane non-default setting NOT included in the sample “How-2” instruction provided on the page for animating Waves and Turbulence …

What WAS running FAST and CLEAN is now SLOGGING, and OF COURSE I’m slamming another DEADLINE - AGAIN.

I’m wondering if there’s a command to run a full re-calc on the current animation settings as they stand (sort of like a “regen” which would re-calc EVERYTHING and put things back in order so we could move on, in the OLD ACAD days.

ANYBODY got ANYTHING ? Hunting in the dark here.

Thanks -


It’s hard to say what went wrong without seeing the model or knowing what settings you changed.
Depending on what setting you changed in the displacement it can take longer for it to calculate the result, for example a higher quality takes much longer than a lower one, and if you have high quality on a huge object, then that’ll take time.

Marika -
I DON’T need you to debug my model. Its NOT " … hard to decide what settings" I changed. I JUST need a SIMPLE ANSWER to my ACTUAL question: is there a “command” to force a full recalc of the timeline ?


Dial it back.
Answering user questions without understanding the problem is inefficient and a waste of everyone’s time.

Describe the problem you’re trying to solve instead of what you think the solution might be.


@cfee - For recalculation the displacement on the timeline - no there isn’t a command.
That’s why I was trying to ask what you where doing in order to better help you out.
Are you using Rhino 5 or 6?
Currently there’s a bug that causes Rhino 5 models with displacement to be much slower in Rhino 6, if you’re using Rhino 6 your problem might be caused by that…

For the white box problem you posted here:

Can you please explain some more? Is that a dialog box or an object? What happened?
Based on just a screenshot it’s hard to say what’s going on/what happened/what went wrong.

JOHN: Are you REALLY going to tell me its not reasonable to ASK if ONE command exists and if so what is its name ? SERIOUSLY ? A simple yes or no, and if yes, a command name and a sentence or 2 of how-2 ONLY if needed, and we’re done. Instead we get 1. Give us your model so we can debug it, (SERIOUSLY ?) and 2 "Dial it back because ___ ? " Again - SERIOUSLY ? NO. Dialing it back does NOT allow the PROPER response to a clear side-step, when a SIMPLE request for a yes/no answer is requested, with a command name . Try maybe ACTUALLY answering the QUESTION once, and see the difference in our response? You’re welcome.

Or you can tell me whether a “force-recalc-all-timeline” command of some sort exists. A simple yes/no, with NO being as good as YES, even if not preferred.
IF “Yes”, then a simple command name and if you think it’d help, a sentence or 2 of How-2, and we’re good to go. I REALLY don’t need you to debug the model. As requested and repeated, all I want is a simple yes/no response with a little substance added for flavor. Thanks.

Oh and by the way, on a similar but unrelated point, I FINALLY found the buried check-box to save a deeply buried variable change. Why it 1. isn’t set to keep by default is puzzling (being polite) and 2. why the person crafting the instruction set didn’t think to mention to make sure settings that SHOULD “save” from session to session DON’T without digging out another deeply buried check box is really frustrating. Up-side ? I WAS able to find what I needed (digging and digging on my own) and finished making the necessary changes one at a time because the settings don’t keep from session to session until you do, wrapping up at 3:45 am, ahead of a 9: am presentation.

No - there isn’t such a command.

What check box, was missing that you found?
Would be easier for us to update the documentation, for the better, if we’d knew what it was that you’d been looking for.

Marika -

Hi . Sorry for the significant delay . I had some extensive product deliveries to make, and some product to move through Production.

  1. You guys are wonderful, and the new versions of BO-2 seem to have many of the items we ask for coming right along ! I’m trying to shift back to BO-2 as my preferred platform … with the hopes of migrating forward to RH-6 to follow ( … IF they can get the whole Lighting and Antialising thing worked out … . Oh by the way - I’ve discovered that its a matter of how the ENVIRONMENT Lighting is handled … HAPPY to share findings with Technical Support if asked … . )

I’m NOT enthusiastic about the LATEST BO-2 version update requiring a download and install of an UPDATED RH-5, tho. Someone decided to make changes to the way the onscreen-display is handled (see hint offered above), affecting on-screen Presentation of the Product Assembly. No worries, I just returned my RH-5 to a previous download and my BO-2 to match (necessitating the recent BO-1 License code request which someone on your Team GRACIOUSLY hepled me with - THANKS ! ) . I moved all the affected settings that weren’t restored, tho, to their previous DEFAULT RH-5/BO-2 settings, and migrated the few I need back forward to their working settings and am back to moving forward. All’s well !

Connected but seperate: Posting NEXT a related question concerning Antialiasing the image written to FRAME images for compilation to Animations.

Also have a question posted elsewhere here, regarding Daughtering curve end-points to a parent object to control the motion and recalc of tubing attached to connectors on each end, that are connected to moving Assembly components …

  1. ALL of that said, one thing I DO find useful ( THIS Thread), is an overall recalc of the animation sequence set, that seems to occur whenever I use the [STOP] button at the left-end of the Timeline to return the counter to zero.

SOMETIMES, however, this recalc seems to not take place. I MIGHT guess that it might be related to whether or not a change (edit of function change) has taken place that would signal such a recalc to take place. Not knowing what kind of “change” might signal such a recalc tho, my NEXT question would THEN be whether or not there’s an embedded discrete command that would call that recalc, even if if DID force the Keyframe counter back to zero first.

If not, that’s fine , even if disappointing. Just wanted to know.

No need to debug anything, ALL is well otherwise. I’m looking forward to working on making my next attempt to migrate forward sometime soon, once I can get this animation delivered … .

Thanks -


  1. Please send the details to support or post them here so we can create a bug item for it.
  2. There’s no recalculation. If you have model that is showing some unwanted behavior please send it to us.