For some reason, slab is always projecting downwards now!

I use the slab command all the time to do walls. Normally I do the thickness in plan, then I switch to front or perspective view and make sure it goes up, then i write down the height. It always works fine (for years) but for some reason it goes in a negative direction now, if I write 3 meters it goes -3, IE underground.

What can be the problem? THanks for any help!

I’m not seeing that. I can’t figure out how your getting it to go the wrong way.
The only way I could was to change the Top viewport to a Bottom view then a positive value whet what look like down from the view.

Nope, I havnt done that, I thought that could be the reason too but I have switched back to top several times! I realize that text objects also goes upside down.

Is the problem unique to one file?
What happens if you start a new file?
If it’s in one file, can you export the objects to a new file and see if the problem goes with it?
If it does, please post the file.

Hey guys. Thanks for trying to help me. For some reason it just worked and it was just temporary. Not sure what was up because yeah, I use it all the time and never had a problem till now.