For Rhino V6 wishlist

I looked into Vshade and RhinoAir manuals and I am not convinced that they can make good-looking textures on spherical surface. I tried to install RhinoAir plugin for Rhino. The installation failed.

Thats how it is if you try to unwrap double curved surfaces. If you try to peel an orange into one single clean rectangle you might notice that this is not working because double curved surfaces will not unwrap that way. It is also not possible to wrap the orange into a rectangular piece of paper without distorsion.

In order to overcome this, you would create your sphere from multiple surfaces to reduce stretching (no poles) or use a tool like the above mentioned texture creator and either build a spherical texture map from a 3d procedural or bake the 3d procedural into a 2d texture. Below is an example, note how it behaves on the poles when applied to a rhino default nurbs sphere.

Aha. And you’ve built your experience just by looking through the manual for 5 minutes but never managed to install or try it. I will not comment this further.

RhinoAir and AIR works fine with Rhino 4 and 5. The helpfile mentions this on the first page in the “Getting started” section.

Since you obviously managed to install Rhino, how about trying a procedural material applied to a sphere in Rhino 5 or 6 ?


But not how it should be. There should be a texture mapping option which breaks the sphere into a bunch of flattish regions and applies the texture to each region with minimum distortion, while making sure the boundaries between adjacent regions are as invisible as possible, probably by blending the textures based on contrast.

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Nobody applies tiles or bricks to a sphere.


Not to mention all other curved brick walls out there.

Great picture, but it would be very difficult to make such spherical texture algorithm. Apparently, sells spherical brick textures. There are several examples here:

I do this with another app where it is called “automatic texture atlas” creation. It works based on break angle between mesh faces or curvature and is a preprocess of ABF++.

Feature-Aligned Shape Texturing ?


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I’d like Rhino 6 to scale my linetype to my view, so I don’t have to zoom in to every line in my model to see its linetype.
Similar to Dots behavior. (possibly display mode curve object option?)

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Hi Asterisk - I guess there would need to be a screen-size setting, then as well, for linetypes? Currently it’s 3d model distance, as far as the definition goes - how would you want that translated to screen space?


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We translate these to printed sizes when printing. It’s the same problem as print thickness; we don’t have a good way to define a translation into printed sizes with normal viewports. This is easy with layouts/details

Can’t there be a linetype scale multiplier option for normal views then? At least long lines can be scaled up to the widest range of zoom manually.


A few requests for Cplanes

  1. Have the option to have a tag on the viewport which displays the name of the current Cplane.
  2. Ability to “lock” cplanes. E.g if you change views, it still uses the locked cplane. When you type top it orientates the view to the locked cplane.

Side note.
How come the displays modes still lack the responsiveness & accuracy of having a basic crisp hiddenline view with sun/shadows of sketchup?

This can be done under Options -> View, then clear Named views set CPlane.


These are many of our wishes based in the dialy use of the software, with our clients and with our students in the classrooms.
In the following PDF pages you will find our Rhino V6 Wishlist. This wishlist is conformed by 33 commands. Some of them are suggestions to be changed and some are new commands to be added. The document is made in a way that the name of the command is written as a title followed by a WHAT and a WHY. These questions should explain the purpose of the command and why it should be changed or added. Following the “What” and the “Why” you will find an image that illustrates the command suggestion.

The Voxel Team

Wish list Rhino 6 By Voxel C&T.pdf (6.9 MB)


From your PDF the named positions request are pretty much covered by the new Snapshots feature. I think it is also on the list to record keframes in animation from snapshots by Bongo.

Rhino V6 is now in the Beta phase. Rhino BETA 2017-Nov-7 Available Now! From the linked thread:

What is BETA? We’re not adding any new features, nor are we making significant changes to the UI.

Perhaps this thread should be closed and someone can start a “Rhino V7 wishlist thread”.


Yep, V6 is a done deal as far as new features are concerned. --Mitch

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stitch meshing algorithm:

FoldSketch program folds garments:

@DanielPiker Possible in Kangaroo?