For me V6 is a Fail

For my work there’s no realistic compatibility between 5 & 6 which will be a problem going forward.

  1. I turn off Annotation and use Model Scale to set all my dimensions. V6 resets all my dimensions to 1.0 and I have to reset them (all) in V5. That would be enough of a pain but any property overrides I’ve set in V5 are lost
    once the file has been opened in V6.

  2. Output is visually different between the two versions. And No Print doesn’t carry over from one to the other.

The first image is printed in V5, the second in V6. Notice the secondary border in V6 - that’s on a No Print layer and shouldn’t be printing.

I obviously can’t just add the drawing printed in V6 to the set. I have to re-print all 15 pages in V6 or re-print in V5 for visual continuity.