For GH 2.0 Design Options Manager (SAVE STATE)


Just thinking out loud here for a moment.

For GH 2.0, it would be nice to have a more intuitive way to setup, save, replace, and revert back and forth between different Design Options or Saved States. That could mean having the option to activate a mini window interface that you can move off to the side and quickly scrolling through different Saved States. The interface for a “Design Options Manager” could be something similar to the DATA VIEWER…

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I made a slight off-topic in the autosave thread.

I had planned to include something like this for Peacock 1.0, which will work for GH1.

A manager to control the production of generative designs (different design solutions of a generative algorithm) efficiently and designed for production (cost calculation, technical tables, renders, instructions, etc.). A system to control different results of the generative design, like gh save states, but much more advanced, so that, for example, automate the search for the most profitable or cheaper piece in a collection of results. In general, the administrative part of the design (exclusive for Patreons).

What if you could save those states in a timeline, and they behaved as a key frames in animation. GH could interpolate between them… and make animations. :grinning:

Not all objects that can be part of a state can be interpolated. Sliders and swatches yes, text panels and a bunch of other objects no.

Linear interpolation for sliders and colour swatches would be enough to start and see if this leads to somewhere interesting…