food4Rhino wants to open Rhino 7 plugin in WIP which doesn't work

How can I make it that food4Rhino opens my plugin in Rhino 7 where it is targeted at?
It’s this one that gives the issue: Global Edge Continuity (beta) | Food4Rhino

I have same issue. I think link to package manager from food4rhino is using highest Rhino version. Including WIP.

I have assumed each individual with wip installed will know what to do.

It would be good to have option to choose which version shall be executed.

I see, but in your case you do have a build for V8, in my case I don’t and it is still targeting the WIP.

Can you share a screenshot of the message that the browser shows? What happens if you click “Allow” when it asks to open in Rhino WIP?

I get to see this:
So I click on open and then WIP opens with the packagemanager open and I get this:

This is the command history:

Handling url: rhino://package/search?name=stgGlobalEdgeContinuity
Command: _-PackageManager
Choose option ( Search ): _Search
Search term: stgGlobalEdgeContinuity

I have seen same mesages before my plugin was published for WIP.

Sorry, I misunderstood. The Food4Rhino team are discussing how to handle this situation better.

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At the moment F4R has no way of knowing what the user will have installed on their machine. We use a protocol handler that will effectively run in the last Rhino version you installed, hence why some of you are seeing this pop up in the WIP. I think we have a few ideas on making this a bit better thanks to some tips from @will