Food4Rhino styles

I have just downloaded the styles put at the Food4Rhine web site and I cannot install almost any of them. I’ve got a message like this:
Only the “revolving doors” and “garage door simple” do works, the rest require a plug-in… I work with Rhino 5 and VA 2.3.6. What should I install or do?
Regards, Jaro

Hello @jerry.bakowski
I guess the problem here is that those other styles were designed using Rhino 6.

Regarding the kind of objects missed when using Rhino 5 it will be easy to check and redesign them using Rhino 5. So please, let me tell you when these styles are updated as soon as possible.


Hello again @jerry.bakowski
All the styles I did using Rhino 6 have been redesigned using Rhino 5, so they work on both, Rhino 5 & 6.
I have just updated the Food4Rhino’s entries with the right files now.

Hope this helps.


Hello Adan,
Thank you very much, now it works perfectly :slight_smile:
Cheers, Jaro

Frankly, all these bay windows could be just one style, with all the definitions I have managed to get the same results. And it would be terrific if you add another option for depth of glass embedding. Now it is placed perfectly in the middle of the frame. I would like to have an option to push the glass towards the outer (or inner) window’s plane. But still, it is a very fine definition.
Cheers, Jaro

Jerry, in fact the four bay window styles are just different examples of the same style.
I put them this way just to make the different options you can find clearer but as you say I could also publish one single style inside the .val file.

I would like to talk about it with @fsalla too.

Hi Jaro,
The .val files are meant to store one or multiple VisualARQ styles. And different styles can be created from the same GH definition. For example, the “Bed” and “Double bed” styles that come with VisualARQ template (Furniture object) are created with the same gh file.
I think @adanguillen did it this way in order to make it easier for users to find already multiple bay window designs, even if they were created from the same gh. file.
In any case, I agree it would be useful to have one more option for the glass alignment.

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I tried to import additional VA styles, but failed. No one style was added.
I select *.val file to import from, then VA%20Import
select styles to import panel is shown, I check object and click Import button, but nothing happens.

I work in Rhino 5.
What is the problem and is there any solution?

Hi @Gvanka, after importing that door style, just run the vaDoor commnad and select that style.
Most of the VisualARQ styles in food4Rhino are created from Grasshopper definitions, so you must have Grasshopper installed in Rhino 5. Do you have it? Just in case you don’t, download it from here:
Close Rhino, install it, and then import that VisualARQ style again.
If problem persists, send me that .val file so I can take a look at it.

Thanks a lot!
That helped!

And why Rhino5 and Rhino6 *.val are incompatible?

They are compatible!.val files created in Rhino 5 should be always imported correctly in Rhino 6. But in the other way around, if the styles in the .val have been created in GH in Rhino 6, they might include components that have changed and are not compatible in Rhino 5.

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