Food4rhino slow when saving changes

I’m trying to do some maintenance on the Clipper plugin, but food4rhino is quite slow when editing a plugin. After pressing the “Save” button it takes a few minutes to save, or come up with an error message.

Is this producible for others, or am I doing something wrong?

As a factor: I found that adding a file / changing something in attachments mostly causes it.


This is definitely not normal.
Is this something you experienced before or is it only happening now?
I tried to edit (without any change) and save your app and Save was very fast.
Can you try again and tell us if saving still takes few minutes? If the problem is still happening, can you send me the changes you want to make so I can make some tests? (you can send the files


The steps that I did this morning

  • Add another file
  • Pick an attachment and upload it
  • Move the newly created file to the top

But right now it seems to be more responsive than before, and in the end I was able to make all changes that I wanted to.