Food4Rhino auto-installs fail, asks for a WIP license

When I click on Food4Rhino download links that are supposed to auto-install, I get an error message telling my my WIP license is expired.

I have uninstalled the Rhino 7 WIP and I’m using Rhino 7 Commercial for Windows with a valid license.

How do I fix this?

Also, for some reason when I open Rhino 7 in my start bar, the start bar shows the blue underline beneath Rhino 6, not Rhino 7. Is there some kind of overlap or conflict that could cause this?


I restarted, made sure old files were really uninstalled. Now I get this error message:

Hi Max - Have you tried repairing the Rhino installation?

I was about to try to update, but now it says that my update stream is unavailable.

OK, downloaded Rhino 7 directly from the McNeel Site, reinstalled.

Now I can do direct installs off Food4Rhino, but I still have this bizarre thing happening where when I open Rhino 7, my start bar shows I have Rhino 6 open, and my file opening history when I click on either Rhino 6 or Rhino 7 in the start bar is mismatched accordingly.

You’ll find several threads about this on Discourse…