Font too small in Rhinoscript for Rhino 6 on new computer



I built a new Tower PC and installed Rhino 6. I adjusted Properties for the Views the way I had them on my old Laptop computer and this part worked fine. But when I brought up my GUI for processing Drone maps, the font is too small everywhere on the form. Is there one adjustment I can make to Properties to fix this? Or do I need to get down in the dirt and go thru my Rhinoscript line by line and fix the font sizes again. This has happened before when Rhino 6 WIP’s were being released but I forgot whether I found a simple fix to this.


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Hi Terry - sounds like a ‘developer’ question, perhaps, if that GUI is of your doing.



I ended up just playing in the dirt and making a few dozen changes to fix the form. Now it looks pretty much like it did on my laptop except that I have yet to find a way to make the title bigger. But I can live with that.



Hi Terry - how is your UI done in RhinoScript - HTML box ?



The GUI is implemented using System.Windows.Forms calls. I got started with this approach by using a package of utilities from Mark Meier’s work documented on his blog at:

My program is 5400 lines and Mark’s utilities are 660 lines of Python script. My program makes both rhinoscriptsyntax calls and rhino common calls while Mark’s utilities do most of the System.Windows.Forms calls. This particular GUI with its program allows me to create 3D colored elevation maps of the 3D model created by the Agisoft Photoscan photogrammetry program. Also it will do 3D slope maps, 3D contour maps, 2D profiles and automatic tree identification.

I spent several 100 hours on refining the use of Mark’s utilities to create interesting GUI’s for several applications. Then I have spent a few 100 hours working on the Drone mapping program driven by this script.



Very nice, thanks for sharing! Looks like a great resource and implementation.