Font not found when copying/pasting a HATCH?

Copied one single hatch (nothing else) from V6 and pasted into the WIP.


Command: '_Paste
Read 1 annotation style that references 1 font that is not installed on this device.
Annotation style referencing a missing font:
	Helvetica Light / Helvetica Light (Regular)
Missing font:
	Helvetica Light (Regular)

Why are hatches considered annotation elements?

Good question.
I dunno.

Can you send a V6 file with this hatch in it so I can try it please?

Here ya go…

Hatch-Font.3dm (37.9 KB)

When I open this file to inspect it, I get the same font error.
Helvetica Light is not on my system either.

If I use the Import tool in Options > Hatch, and select that hatch pattern from the other file, I do not get the annotation style font complaint.

If I have the file with the Hatch open, then Copy/Paste it into a different V7 file, I’m not getting the message, and that annotation style from the file is not imported.