Fologram 2024 - how to rotate and scale on mobile device


Recently updated the fologram app on my mobile device.

In the previous version 2020 it was very easy to place, rotate and scale a model, and worked fine.

Does anybody know what the 2024 verstion status is? Unfortunately it looks like its not working as good as the 2020.

For example its not possible to scale / rotate the model after placement.

The window shows ‘hold and look’ to align…
Unfortunately there is nothing happening when I hold the finger let say 5sec on the screen.

Any suggestion on how this works?
(fyi, I also looked on their website, but unfortunatly cant find anything how to move/ scale the model on a mobile devive).

Many thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for the feedback on the update.

Placing the model uses a tap and point mechanic. You should be able to point your phone at a surface in your space to locate the origin of the model, then tap, hold and point your phone to set the direction of the model x-axis. If you want to re-place (or rotate) the model you can tap the Fologram icon at the bottom of the app and then tap reset button. We have fairly simple docs on this here: Fologram

You can scale the model to typical architectural scales from the Fologram for Rhino plugin window. If you want to be able to dynamically scale the model from your phone, sync your geometry in Grasshopper and use a Scale component with a synchronized slider to set the scale. There is an example of this here: Fologram


Many thanks for your quick reply.

The scale function works very nice!
Also the overall view ‘focus/look’ is way better :).

Unfortunately I still wasnn’t able rotate the model after placement (probably my rooky mistake).

After placing the model on my desk, I would like to rate it around its z-axis.

  1. I tab to place the model (which goes ok)
  2. I tab again ánd holding it, turning it around the model (unfortunaly this didnt rotate the model around the axis. In fact nothing happend?

Any suggestion what I am doing wrong?

Many thanks and keep up the good work :slight_smile:


As soon as you release the tap gesture the model will be locked in place.

So if you would like to place and then rotate it, you will need to:

  1. press and hold to set the origin (don’t take your finger off the screen)
  2. while holding down your finger, point your phone in the direction you would like to set the x-axis. You should see your model rotate while you’re doing this. Imagine you are using the Line command in Rhino - you have set the start point and now you are setting the end point.
  3. when you’re happy with the rotation, release your finger from the screen to confirm.

Hopefully that helps - we will be making some tutorial videos in the near future to demo these kinds of mechanics for you.

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