Follow along srf

is there any one to help me about follow along surface command.
I m trying to use this command in signet ring that I made.
please help.

There is no such command. You probably mean FlowAlongSrf. This command is explained here:

I guess that your flow is in the wrong direction. If you have this problem, use Dir or ShowDir command to swap UV directions. Both commands are explained here:

Please spend some time watching Rhino tutorials and reading on-line Rhino documentation. Rhino documentation is here:

good free video tutorials:

good commercial video tutorials:
Rhino 4 video tutorial | basic | made by Brian DiNola:
Rhino 4 video tutorial | advanced | made by Brian DiNola:
Rhino 4 video tutorial | basic and advanced bundle | made by Brian DiNola:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | basic and advanced bundle | made by Rob McCulloch:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Kyle Houchens:
Rhino 5 video tutorial | advanced | made by Rob McCulloch:

industrial design process (part 1 of 4):

Hi sir,

thanks for your reply. i already use dir to check the UV direction. here i am sending u my ring file.

if possible, please check and guide me.


New-Ring-6.3dm (1.05 MB)

Use command _ShrinkTrimmedSrf to ring

This drawing was very messy! The ornamental curves were made of very large number of straight line segments (degree 1 curves). I used Fair and Smooth commands to reduce the number of control points. They did not help much, so I used Rebuild command to reduce the control points to 40 and to raise degree to 3. The Rebuild command worked much better. I flipped the ring surface (using Flip command), because it was inside-out. I changed layer names to make them more informative. Some ornamental curves were extending beyond adjacent surface, so I used Scale1D command to shrink them. I checked UV directions of the surfaces with the ShowDir command. The directions were OK, so I used the FlowAlongSrf command.

There is old proverb: “Garbage in, garbage out.” If you are careless, your drawing becomes unmanageable mess. (By the way, I know more about Islam, than Rhino.)

New-Ring-6a.3dm (355.4 KB)

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Hi sir,
Thanks a lot, i tried and it works perfect.

u make my day.

thanks a lot.

Hi Sir,

I am very new to rhino and want to learn. just watching videos of rhino gold I got the interest to learnt this. and want to make some models of jewelry. could you please guide me to learn rhino.

I glad to know that you know Islam.

thank you to show my mistake. I will try to learn from my mistakes.

thanks once again.

The best way to learn Rhino is to watch free video tutorials. Best free video tutorials are posted on two websites:
Robert McNeel & Associates (McNeel&Ass) website:
Simply Rhino (SimplyRhino) website:

Commercial tutorials posted on (former are not better than the free tutorials, and you have to pay for them. Commercial tutorials posted on are worse than the free tutorials posted on the McNeel&Ass and SimplyRhino websites. I know nothing about Rhino Gold, but I am sure that you can find free Rhino Gold tutorials on

I suggest that you use free 4K Video Downloader program to download all free tutorials posted on these two websites (McNeel&Ass and SimplyRhino) in the past 2 years, and that you watch them later. You can download the 4K Video Downloader from here:

Brian James and Kyle Houchens made best tutorials posted on McNeel&Ass website. About half of the tutorials made by Brian James are for advanced Rhino users. All tutorials made by Kyle Houchens are for intermediate Rhino users. All tutorials made by Vanessa Steeg and other McNeel&Ass trainers are for beginners like you. All tutorials posted on SimplyRhino website are for advanced Rhino users. They are made by Phil Cook.

When you watch a tutorial, and you see a command which you do not know, stop the tutorial, read online documentation about the command, and use the command in Rhino. Rhino documentation is here:
and here:

When you learn advanced topics, you have to understand the basics of NURBS surfaces. They are explained here:
introduction to NURBS:
golden rules of NURBS design:

It will take you about 2000 hours of training to become proficient user of any professional CAD program, including Rhino.

Hi sir,

You solved almost all my problem regarding Rhino. thanks a lot.