Folds Occurring when I Attempt a Sweep from Three Curves (How can I prevent this?)


I am trying to create a surface from three curves. I would like the surface to follow the edges of all the curves, however they are creating folds and I am not sure how to prevent this.

I was thinking that the Two rail sweep was the best to use but I am not sure, any help on this would be appreciated. Attached are some images and the grasshopper file.

Three Curve (26.2 KB)

The only way to handle this with a single surface is with surface patch. Depending on your curves you could trim it out of a sphere.

Sweep2 is not the appropriate command for what you want to do.

It is not possible to create a single, untrimmed surface with the shape you want.

One approach would be to create a single, possibly revolved, surface, and then trim that surface to the shape you want.

Thanks guys, yes I realised that my ends were not closed and so I closed them up and tried the surface patch. It gives me more or less what I want.

The panelling is behaving quite strange though, il do some research and see what I can do. I am using the lunchbox plugin and trying to divide the surface with the the Quad panels.

LB works on a Surface basis … so it gets the Underlying Surface from a given BrepFace and does what it does.That said a BrepFace is a Surface with trims.

Other than that for “similar” things I would strongly suggest the reverse way: do some blob (using stuff the likes of TSplines - dead but alive), define Curves with some way, join them and then (if they yield a single Curve) attempt to split blob’s BrepFaces. That’s a bt tricky without code … but is doable anyway.

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