Folding facade with absorption point

Hello friends.
I wanted to know how I can model this folding facade to be opened and closed by the absorption point !! I searched the forum a lot but did not find anything similar.
Thank you for your help.

Hi ali.

Do you have any model? Any gh script you tried?
Can you give something more than just a 275x183 picture?
What is that “absorption point”?

Please, have a look here Help Us Help You

If it’s just the bare minimum of the window movement, you will need to rotate the top half of the window around the top edge and ‘attach’ a mirror plane to the other end and mirror the top part over that plane.



Check this video and try to apply this logic to the glass facade.


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thank you so much guys for your reply
@Gijs @ajarindia @maje90

Hello friends.
I did the model; But I ran into a problem. That is, the panels go up and down crookedly. (21.0 KB)

In principle, they should be moving according to the image. Thank you for your help.

folding (15.3 KB)

Thank you very much for your help.
Of course, I am an amateur and this algorithm is very difficult for me to understand. Isn’t there an easier solution?