Folding an object to find balance or stability

is it possible to use rigid object with Kangaroo (using Rhino6 and Kangaroo Solver and/ or Bouncy Solver) to create a Surface or Mesh as a simple plane, bend this plane and continue bending it until stasis is found? can one track the center of gravity while doing this? i have made a sketch to try to explain this:

I think you need to be much clearer about what you mean by ‘increasingly stable relative to gravity’.
What are you trying to maximise or minimise? What do you need to keep fixed?

hi Daniel,

the idea is: when folding a piece of paper and standing it on your desk, due to the fold it is less likely to fall over, the more folds you put in the paper the more it has a stability. of course this folded example is a little different but that is the idea.
i have added to the diagram to explain:

the fixed points (a-f) and with every fold more fixed points could emerge or rather than completely fixed perhaps their position would be relative to the previous and next fold’s endpoints.

so we are trying to maximize the stability with the minimum number of folds, of course the overall emerging geometry effects this stability.
i hope that makes sense.

In your diagram, is the viewpoint above the object?

its from the side of the object, the object is vertical so that points a-b are are on the ground (as is the fold between 3 +4)

I think your problem is still not clearly defined enough to solve.

Anyway, it looks like it boils down to setting the points of a polyline in some way.
For the centre of gravity - you can find this using the Polygon Center component and taking the Ce output for the average of the edges. This should be between your support points when projected vertically onto the ground if you want the shape not to tip over when just resting on those points (without being tied down).

There must be more criteria - if that is the only one, it is met by laying the paper flat on the desk…

so for the purpose of this question, assume we are trying to make the shape shown and test for stability, balance with each fold