Folder scanning problems while loading Grasshopper

Sorry to be a pest…

When I load up Grasshopper I’m getting this first error. If I run an element ‘Import3DM’ and choose I file, I get the second message repetitively. (I’ve checked ‘don’t show again’ so that is gone, but I’m sure the underlying issue is still there)

Apart from vanilla grasshopper, I have installed Human UI and Opennest. Is it likely to be one of those?



You can check which plugin (if any) is causing loading issues by running the GrasshopperLoadOneByOne command. It’ll allow you to specifically omit certain plugins.

The first error seems to be a straightforward window user violation. Rhino is apparently not allowed to access your music folder. This problem might go away if you run Rhino in administrator mode.

The second error sadly doesn’t contain enough details to tell where it came from. I’ll test the import component when I get into the office to see if I can repeat it.

Thanks @DavidRutten,

It seems to be the GhPython one where the first error comes up. That is also the last one that loads, so I am assuming. It does mention GhPython in the window.

Administrator mode didn’t help at all. Grasshopper has only just starting doing this the last couple of days, so something has changed or corrupted. I’m guessing both messages are related as they started at the same time.

Wondering if I need to resinstall Rhino or can Grasshopper be reinstalled in V6? Although if it is WIndows, reinstalling may not be enough to fix it.

Thanks again!


@piac any ideas why python might be looking in the music folder on load?

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Hi @agmckenna

I’m wondering why GhPython is trying to look for files in that folder.
Could you please post the contents of the _GrasshopperDeveloperSettings window?



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Thanks @piac,

Attached, but not much to see here! Actually, if I hit the Valid Folders button there is a bit more.




@DavidRutten ‘Valid Folders’ like this means that Grasshopper cannot access any of those folders, right?

@agmckenna I investigated this more and I have a question.

Why do you think that Rhino does not have access to that particular folder? The problem seems to originate from the fact that a rhino plug-in is in the C:\Users\Adrian\Documents\ folder, but GhPython is scanning subfolders and does not have permissions to look into \My Music\, which is unfortunately a subfolder of that. GhPython and Grasshopper automatically scan all subfolders of plug-ins in search of .GHPY and .GHA files.

Does it make sense? Could you check folder permissions?