Focus lost on mouse over Layers panel

I have a Rhino 6 plugin which is registered as Rhino panel and docked.
This main form is a WinForm with multiple controls like textboxes.
If I am writing something in a TextBox and then move the mouse over the Rhino layers panel I lose the focus and I need to re-click inside of the TextBox to keep writing.

Is there a way to prevent this?

Thank you

Sorry, no.

– Dale

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Is there a way to copy layer’s panel behavior (grab focus on mouse over)?

Since I use RhinoWindows.dll, and I set RhinoWindows.RhinoWinApp.MainWindow as parent maybe there’s a chance to do that.

I wouldn’t use global mouse hooks but if it is necessary I could.

Hi @michael.trabella,

I guess with WinForms, you’d use Control.Focus.

– Dale