Flux dying

For anyone using GH -> Revit workflow…this looks like it will be a traumatic change for lot of people in the AEC industry.

Nice opportunity to propose new workflows and alternatives…



What else you expect from big companies like Google, Autodesk these days… it’s a painful trend


Who didn’t see that coming. It’s hilarious to hear the CEO speak as if it’s a problem with the entire AEC industry, not his lack of awareness of how the industry works. Users want to use the design tools they are comfortable with. It’s a one minute conversation between parties to figure out how they with interoperate. Users are very happy with format agnostic collaboration tools, not being locked down into a small ecosystem.

In a bit of curious timing:



Totally…I saw it yesterday in the evening on social media and was like…“motherf*ckers, what a nice time to release!” :slight_smile:

I have been using 3dExperience during the last year in the office (still a lot to learn…) and from that experience I could say that data rich models shared on the cloud and coordinated seamlessly between platforms looks like the future…

So, it’s almost October now. What happened?

What is the new Flux platform?