FluidRay RT real-time renderer with Rhino import

Hi Everybody,
We just released FluidRay RT 0.9.7.
FluidRay RT is a real-time global illumination renderer based entirely on the CPU. It’s full-featured and has direct import of Rhino (.3dm) files.
You can try it here

Rendering done in FluidRay RT by Roberto Pittaluga

I just installed .98 on osx and it crashes when trying to import 3dm (rhino) file.


Hi Randy,
Do you mind sharing the file that causes the crash so we can look into the issue?

Hi, I will this weekend. It was at home, working right now.



The model is too large for this forum 5.3 mb.
I tried importing into FluidRay 3 times this morning and it crashed every time .

Let me know where I can send file.

HTH randy

For me the program freezes (or it takes more than an hour to open large files) “not responding” tag on the program when trying to import a rhino file\

Tried a simple test scene, this crashed. Rhino file TestScene.3dm included.

The debuginfo was too big to attach ~270 mb

Thanks, for providing the scene, we’ll check it out.

Seccond try it did open, but only the Cone & Spherical shape were present in the scene. Lights did not seem to come along (used directional lights), but the Cylinder & Tube shapes did not show up in FRay

Just so you know, I am making my models with Rhino OSX and trying to import with FluidRay 0.9.8 on Mavericks 10.9.1 on a MacPro. I thought it may be that I was using models from my Copy.com drive, so I moved model to my startup SSD drive / desktop and it still crashes. I then made a simple model of a box, saved that to the desktop & it also crashed. They always crash a few seconds after I hit the open button from the import dialogue box.
I hope this helps.I have been asked to do some rendering and would prefer to work on my Mac and not Flamingo on Windows. I would rather dish-out 3-400 for some software I may only use a few times a month. Not sure if I want to spend the $$$ for Keyshot or something else.
I would like to spend any learning time learning one program.
Thanks and I hope this helps … randy

For Rhino files, I actually use Import rather then Open

I use import as well, Open will not open 3DM files.

Are you using Windows or OSX for Rhino? Thanks

I’m on the windows, not crashing always, but as I reported, not all objects, I think lightweight extrusions might be the problem?

Crash on import of a simplebox. Originally extrusions, but exploded & rejoined into a closed polysurface.

@randy: can you please provide this last scene that is causing the crash? is it small enough to be uploaded in the forum?

@peter: is TestScene.3dm that you provided causing crashes for you? It loads just fine on my machine.

Note, if you don’t see some objects imported, normally that’s because FluidRay RT requires Render Meshes to be present in the 3dm file.

Here is simple file, may be extrusion not polysurface . I may try to save as obj, though you are looking at straight rhino files.

box.3dm (87.0 KB) Box

This was just the example file that was missing objects, And rendermeshes noted, I’ll try convert everything to render meshes and try it out.

The scene that crashes / freezes the software i just a high detail scene of a bathroom, but it seems to be to heavy for the software?

FluidRay should be able to render scenes that take multiple GB of memory (depending on how much memory you have on your systems). It’s probably an issue caused by the .3dm import module, we’ll look into it. Would you mind exporting the scene in .obj and importing it in FluidRay?

I just extracted the rendermesh as proposed, and this does import (eventhough it takes a while)

We just released FluidRay RT version 0.9.9, solving a bunch of bugs related to 3dm import. You can get it here: http://www.fluidray.com/downloads.
This version also adds a ton of new features, in particular:

  • Unbiased real-time volumetrics with multiple scattering
  • Real-time image post-processing, allowing to change rendering output on the fly without starting over the rendering. Some of the operations available: Tone mapping, Color scaling, Image compositing, Auto-saving
    Here are two youtube tutorials showing the new features:

Real-time volumetrics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDuW0upymKc

Image Post-processing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XTv1XB5wRbM

It imports file on OSX, great. Will try more tomorrow! Ciao