FlowAlongSrf vs ApplyCrv Rebuild Curve Issue

I’m having an issue where some curves are being rebuilt with overlapping control points when using FlowAlongSrf, but not with ApplyCrv. I like the ApplyCrv result, but it’s not history based like the UDF tools.

FlowSrf_CV_issue.3dm (200.1 KB)

Hello - FlowAlongSrf does some complicated refitting if PreserveStructure=No. - Your starting curve is a font, I guess, and a somewhat messy curve, by surfacing standards, to begin with -

if you can clean up that curve - blends should work nicely to replace the series of degree 2 conics in the round part, then make all the straight parts degree 3 or even 5, and PreserveStructure=Yes in FlowAlongSrf, it should be better.


Yes it’s a font I built with FontForge. Only the curved areas have issue. I’ll see if I can spline them in my TTF to get them better on import or maybe explode and rebuild them.