FlowAlongSrf tool, allocation of group of surfaces

Hello, I faced a problem - when using “FlowAlongSrf” I choose objects, the plan and I need to allocate the object consisting approximately of 5 surfaces and all of them are registered, but the tool allows to choose only 1 surface in all an object. What shall I do?

How to apply me on an object (with a set of surfaces) an object necessary to me?

Hi @Modeler3D

If I understand you correctly, you are trying to flowalongsrf across a polysurface, and there is currently no way of doing that. You need to construct your target surface, so that it is a single surface. You could tryto experiment with the drape command.

HTH, Jakob

Unfortunately not one way doesn’t suit me…

And what if to take all points at an object and to construct on them a uniform difficult surface? Only I can’t find the tool in any way - have allocated and on them the surface was constructed.

I have solved a problem!
If to create surfaces (1, 2, 3 etc.), and after to unite all of them by means of the MergeSrf tool - as a result of FlowAlongSrf works with a set of surfaces as with one object.

Something with the FlowAlongSrf tool extremely isn’t clear to me. He places result under the chosen surface, on the chosen surface - it depends?

Hi Modeler3d - the best way to get this to be consistent is to use the Dir command to make sure U, V and Normals on the two surfaces correspond, then click on corresponding locations of the surfaces when picking them.


I thank!
If to you it isn’t difficult - tell, this parameter how exactly works:

Hi Modeler3d - this simply makes the surface U direction into V and the V into U. ‘Swap’ implies a ‘trade’ or ‘invert’.


I have understood, thanks!