FlowAlongSrf Rigid Bug

I’m finding issues flowing from a periodic base to a flat target. This is the clearest issue. Here, the normal of these blocks’ definition matches the base surface’s normal.

On the target surface, the orientation is skewed.

There is no issue going the other way, from a flat base to a periodic target.

Bug_FlowRigid2.3dm (120.4 KB)

Bug_FlowGroup.3dm (111.1 KB)

This is related, but different. These are a group flown rigid instead of a block. It also is happening from a flat base to a periodic target. The parent group is centered in the X and Y, but on the target, the orientation does not match the target’s surface normal.

Hello - it looks to me like the culprit is the line - if that is included in the group the thing skews but if it is left out, or if another one is added on the other side, the flow stays balanced. A point off to one side also messes it up.


thanks for the report!


That makes sense for the group. I can’t make sense of the block though. It should be a simple translation of the block origin, no?