FlowAlongSrf on multi surface box

Hi. I have this box shape i wanna put three wave lines around in a continuous band. and i’m pretty sure there must be and easy way to do it than what I have done.
waves on box.3dm (760.1 KB)

1: Used UnrollSrfUV on the sides
2: Curve length dim on that edge
3: Made a straight line at that length and drew the waves next to it
4: Used Flow to curve the lines at the Unrolled shape
5: Cut the lines in sektions and used FlowAlongSrf to put them on the box

My main problem is the wavy lines gets chopped pats after using the Flow command and is no longer a fluid curved line

you could try making a single surface “strip” from your object (project and rebuild curves then loft the curves together) then flow along that strip. If you do it correctly the curves should match your original surface very closely. If they are a bit off you can use pull curves to tighten it to your original surface.

dear @Rasmus
the “chopped pats” coourve because your target curve is not G1. it is G0 at (x) … this kink will make a proper flow impossible.
to check:
→ arround 2 degree G0

also the minimum radius of your target curve should be bigger as the width of your wave-curves…
if you can t do a proper _offset with the width (24.563 mm) flow will fail.

hope that helps -tom

Yes, Flow using the curves from the bottom edges of the target surfaces as the target curve, not the top edges, which are not tangent.


sorry to tell you, that there is even more things to consider:
your waves do not match start-end … check marked areas (red)

make sure they can form a proper loop. (start and end match when the loop get s closed)

i would recommend a surface that develops as a stripe (the green extrusion)
_rebuild the curve (Degree 5, 80 Points or more 80 84 88 92 …)

now you can directly
from violett to green surface
now pull the resulting curves (black) on the box-Surface (cyan)
perform some clean-up
_selChain (3 times)
→ delete
will allow a fast workflow / selection / delete

hope that helps, kind regards -tom

waves on box_tom_help.3dm (562.1 KB)

Hi All

Thanks for all the suggestions. I actually thought that there would be a more “correct” way to do it.

Hi Tom_ I am not sure i under stand this can you elaborate

Yes this is a pity critical mistake from my part, and the deviation will of course get bigger as the wave is repeated.

I think Tom’s suggestion of making a strip that roughly follows the curvature and use the FlowAlong on that combined with Pull will proply be the easiest way.

A side note to this. are there a way to set the Pull function to only pull to closest surface so it dont dobbelt pull. In this case repeat the pattern on the opposite side.

Hello - if the face on a polysurface is pre-selected (ctrl-Shift pick) when Pull is started, only that face will pull.