Flowalongsrf continously on cylinder

Is there anyway to flowalongsrf so that geometry wraps over the seam? With A, the geometry continues in the tangent direction, which is not what I want. And with B, there are seams in the geometry that could cause problems down the line. I can see how there would be problems if the there was anything less then G2 continuity at the seam. In my case, I am only working with tubes.

Hello - you can trick Rhino by making a wrapped circle and extruding that.

  1. Make an arc.
  2. Extend, Type=Arc and extend it to wrap around on itself.
  3. Gumball - extrude that curve.
  4. UnrollSrf or UnrollSrfUV to make the base surface.
  5. FlowAlongSrf back to the wrapped cylinder.

Flow-n-wrap.3dm (333.0 KB)


When I go to extrudecrv, I get a popup about self-intersecting curves. The resulting geometry is a segmented cylinder (multiple unjoined surfaces).

Ahh… try Gumball (extrude) , I think that is what I used, actually.


Great, thanks. That worked.