FlowAlongSrf Bug: Blocks Are Non-Uniform After Flow

This is low priority. Blocks are immune to UDT commands, yet after using FlowAlongSrf, Rhino reports that the blocks can’t be edited. I even tried it with Rigid and/or PreserveStructure and get the same result.

FlowRigidBug.3dm (191.9 KB)

Hi Eric- I see that, thanks - there are two flowed ones that respond to block editing and the others do not. The scaling on these is indeed not uniform - very very slightly.

X scale = 1.3 Y scale = 1.30000323807 Z scale = 1.29999676193


I’ll get it on the pile.

Hm. But I cannot make this happen from scratch so far. Still poking…


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Maybe it has something to do with groups?

I haven’t seen it before either, but I usually edit the block prior to flowing.