Flow to target curve but limit distortion to one axis

Hi McNeel,

I am trying to flow some complex geometry along a curve but limit the distortion to only one axis/direction. I’ve scoured the tools and forums and I feel like this has to exist but maybe I just don’t know the command for it. It would also be similar to a “shear” distortion but along a curve rather than on a specified angle.

Here is a mockup of what I’m getting vs. what I want. In this case I built the “result I want” manually, but I am trying to do this on a larger project where doing this manually would be prohibitive.

Is this something that exists? File attached, and thanks!

  • Chris

Flow_question.3dm (2.6 MB)

Hi Chris - Extrude the two curves into surfaces of any height. Use FlowAlongSrf and set ConstrainNormal=Yes. picking the X direction as the normal to use.


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This works great. Thank you! Is it possible that a similar constraint could be added to the Flow command? I don’t think I would have ever figured this out without asking. But I’m very glad that it works!