Flow: Question about base/target reference points

Hi all,

I am trying to get a shape to flow in a very particular way (see attached and turn on Control Points for each srf). Basically, I have the crv placed on a base srf where the srf’s control points are manually aligned with parts of the curve. I want to flow them onto a srf of the exact same UV count (but slightly different locations) and have the crv align with the new CP’s.

Is this possible? Grasshopper maybe? If GH, any guidance would be appreciated, I’m not a ninja (yet ;))
FlowQstn.3dm (37.2 KB)

Hmmm- I think, if the arrangement is along a clean UV rectangle like this, that Split (a copy) with Isocurves and Shrink=Yes to get the minimal UV surface as both target and base surface, then FlowAlongSrf…?


Unfortunately this is a very simplified example to show the concept. “In the wild” they will be degree 3, free-form shapes.

But, are the control points you care about on a corresponding UV rectangle on each surface? If so, you should be able to ‘bracket’ the curves with very similar (UV wise) ‘sub surfaces’ to use as base and target… Can you post, or send me, a more representative example?


Or extract the CP’s on the target surface and first flow them onto the base surface for reference?


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