Flow mesh along mesh

Pomme bouche.3dm (10.0 MB)
I would like to flow the mouth along the apple as per attached

if you have to use what you have then the only way i could imagine to use grasshopper and kangaroo. otherwise you can use bend on the mesh and make it manually. that will of course also not be precise, but if you cut the mesh out a bit better and bend it manually till it fits then intersect and bridge it together it might work. the mesh of the mouth is a bit chaotic which does not make it easier. i personally would rebuild that completely into nurbs. the mouth will take you 5-10 minutes, the apple maybe 5 minutes then you have more options also to use flow if you have to, but at this point blending the surfaces would be an easy job.

edit: it may also be enough if you just rebuild the apple and use flow, but you have to get a straight cut from the lips that it intersects with a plane. then flowing should be ok.

Hello - is the attached something like what you want? It is flowed (`FlowAlongSrf’, base and target surfaces are on their own, off, layers). Note, I chose a smoother part of the ‘pomme’ to map to, on the ‘back’ side.

Pomme bouche_PG.3dm (872.4 KB)


Thank you Pascal, The reason why the other side is not smooth is because I was trying to follow the apple control points to the mouth control points, I think I have to work on it a bit more as the mouth is too swollen . I cannot understand how you used Flow Along SRF , I was trying it by Mesh Boolean.
Perhaps you could explain the Flow Along SRF on your image. That would be appreciated. I know how to do it on flat SRF to shaped SRF but not on meshes to mesh.

Hi Marcel - I made the base and target surfaces (on the off layers) - the base surface was made from a plane and ChangeDegree to 2 by 2 and some point editing.The target was made using Drape from the Front view, and then Rebuild on the surface to a high point count - I think it was 64 by 64. You can edit that surface some more and the object will update - I did the FlowAlongSrf with History on. For example, move the center control point on the blue base surface out to make the base surface more curved - the object will adjust in the opposite direction on the apple - less swollen.


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