Flow issue

Hi there, I am having a flow issue.
I am flowing a polysurface on a curve.
Both base and target curve are the same length but when I flow the polysrf it is not centered.
Thanks in advance!
flow problem for discourse.3dm (4.8 MB)

Hi Courtney - if the target is the circle, the seam point on the circle is at 3 o’clock (ShowEnds command) Does that help?


Thanks @pascal~ not quite. I first flowed the polysrf from the straight curve to the curved curve, that is where I am getting stuck. Once that is centered, I will flow it onto the circle. I am sure there is probably an easier way! I reuploaded the file with some text, hopefully that will make it more clear!
flow problem for discourse.3dm (4.7 MB)

Hm - I see that and I do not know why, yet. A better way for now, would be to Rebuild that base line to say 11 points, and use that curve as a control object in CageEdit, then Flow from the the original straight line to the circle. History on the Flow part will allow you to adjust the points on the control object and have the results update on the circle. I would sort all this out using a simpler curve representation of the complex polysurface to make adjustments update in more or less real time - with these you need to wait a bit after every edit. To make the deformation go the other way (‘along’ the finger), which I suspect may be the idea, rotate the middle control point of the control object 90 degrees in the Right view.

flow problem for discourse_maybe.3dm (7.1 MB)

@cwreckord - while the overall length of the source and target curves are the same, the arrangement is not symmetrical:

Making the curve symmetrical sorts it out.