Flow gives bad ends

Hi all,

In the attached file, I am trying to flow the polysrf from the red crv to the blue crv. The resulting polysrf has nasty ends. I assume it has something to do with the kink at the bottom quad of the closed crv?



FlowQstn.3dm (372.3 KB)

Hi Declan - it looks to me like it is due to the trimmed planar sides - that makes things more complicated in this case - if you replace these with a loft from edge to edge, the Flow comes out clean.


Yeah, those planar faces are from a “guillotine” procedure in Grasshopper to allow the part to go from a closed reference crv to an open target curve. This example has a nice “loftable” shape, but that will not generally be the case…

I tried changing the “guillotine” to a deg3xdeg3 srf with a slight arc & it still goes wonky…

FlowQstn2.3dm (127.5 KB)