Flow Failure



I have tried to -> Rebuild - Make Periodic & Simplify the source Curves. Nothing seems to work. No matter what I continue to get many variations on the attached image. Any ideas how I might get these right?


FlowFail.3dm (906.1 KB)

(Willem Derks) #2

Hi Robb,

Te problem lies with the curves crossing the surface seam.
You could split the curves ar the seam and trim then away a tiny bit from the edge
I did it with a pipe around the seam edge.
The result;

FlowFail.3dm (797.4 KB)



Thanks for this Willem. I tried that approach per your suggestion with a .1 d pipe and still had issues. Perhaps there was something else you did for your good result? It seems the source curves are very complex and unmanageable. this sample is a small part of a larger, more complex item.

(Pascal Golay) #4

Hello - you could also use SrfSeam to slide the seam over away from any curves and unroll, or for that matter, UnrollSrfUV and select the curves to go with - doneā€¦ does that do what you need?



Thanks Pascal,

That is not a developable surface so the result (while very clean) does not work. I am trying to create a decal that will be wrapped around the finished object. This is an experiment to see how far we can push the decal. I will play with UnrollSurfUV some more and see if there is a way that can help solve the problem.