Flow command

Hi everyone,

When I try using the Flow command, I have trouble when it comes to “Base curve – select near one end.” I put my cursor near the base curve, and I click everywhere around there, and nothing gets selected.

Please, what am I doing wrong?

Thank you.



Hi Fred_C,

Thank you very much for your response. But it is not helping. What you kindly did was send me to the instructions on how to use the Flow command. And I appreciate the information, believe me. The problem is that I am unable to select anything at this stage of trying to carry out the command.


Hello - best to post your objects, base and target curves, I’ll have a look.


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Hi Pascal and anyone else,

OK. But how do I post them? I copied and pasted. Like this?


Incidentally, everyone, can I set this so that I get e-mail notifications of replies, please?

Hi Stanley - use the upload button on the reply form:

Note the forum is public; if you have files which are not OK for the public to see, send to tech@mcneel.com. If you can though export the objects you are asking about to a new file and post that here.


Hi Pascal,

Sorry. I am having so much trouble.

I have highlighted my object in Rhino, and then I proceed to save it. But I do not see any option to save it as a .PNG or a .JPG. I would do that and save it to my computer if I could, but I don’t see how to do that.

Then I would upload it from my computer using the icon that you just showed me.

Could you explain how to do that. I just need you to see my object which I am trying to select for the FLOW command.

If I draw a simple rectangle and extrude it, then I can use the FLOW command.

Thank you so much.


Got it!

Thank all of you so very much.

What finally got me to understand were the videos sent to me by Adn_Kocc. That’s where I saw that you could create a line on the fly to demarcate the base object.

Now I am proceeding along.

Once again, all of you have tremendously helped me.

Have you put your cursor directly on the curve, not just near? The “near one end” means on the curve close to one end. Also it can be helpful to have the “Near” Osnap turned on.

It is best to upload the Rhino .3dm file when asking for help. To save your work as a .3dm file use the Save or SaveAs command.

To create an illustration of your geometry in .jpg or .png format (or several other formats) use the Print command.

Take some time to go through the Rhino User’s Guide. It is a set of tutorials with a lot of important information about to use Rhino. Rhino User's Guide Other tutorials are available at https://www.rhino3d.com/tutorials The Level 1 and Level 2 training are very good.

In addition to what @Adn_Kocc and @davidcockey posted regarding tutorials and guides please see the following links.
How to ask effective questions

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