Flow command

Hi All.
Is there a way to uniquely identify a copy created with command Flow when in some events like RhinoDoc_AddRhinoObject?
Example 3 objects
The command will create
id_3 is the copy of ??? and the same for each object.

Hi @gianfranco74,

To track input objects through the Flow command,. you might consider adding a piece of user text to each object’s attributes, that uniquely identifies that object, before running the command. Then check for that piece of user text when the command finishes.

– Dale

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Is that because the copy keeps in its user attrivutes the value?
If yes thank you Dale , it’s a great idea, thank you very much.

I am trying with userdictionary because with userstring i found some problems (it does not keep in memory the string) . Do you know if user dictionary can give memoryleak problems and if the memory in use can grow a lot? Consider that i would like to add to many objects that string in their userdictionary. Thank you