Flow Along Surface slight inaccuracy

I have used the Flow Along Surface to flow a symmetrical wavy curve onto a symmetrical ring surface.
After the flow, when I look in the Top view and zoom in, there is a slight inaccuracy between the top and bottom of the resulting curve - something like a .004mm divergence.

If you select the curve and look down, there is a gap in the area between the extents of the wavy line.
Any way to avoid this happening?
Happy New Year.flow along surface slight innacuracy.3dm (137.7 KB)

Hi Dana - The top and bottom will never be identical most likely - this is all approximated and refit. But, the UV distribution on a revolved surface is not even - try rebuilding the target surface with a lot of points as a temporary target - you’ll see a significant difference in the result. - but the resulting curve should be more accurate in how it is placed on the rebuilt surface which has a more even UV.


Hi Pascal,

Thank you! I will have to adjust to it when I place stones prongs and azures! Just so I can tell my students why it is not perfectly accurate if they ask.

Happy New Year!