Flow along surface q

See attached please. I’m trying to create a closed object that conforms to a spherical surface.


Chef’sPan_Metric copy.3dm (727.6 KB)

Are you trying to make cutter for the handle for the scoop part ?

Chef’sPan_Metric copy-RG.3dm (792.8 KB)

I’m trying to make a cutter for the handle. I used the bend tool, but I don’t think there’s an option to bend both ends in the mac version so I had to bend and then rotate. As you can see from the screenshot, it doesn’t make for a very accurate cutting tool.

Is this what you are after for a cutting tool?

Yes, that looks like what I’m after!

It’s in the file I uploaded earlier … sweep 2 rails using your handle cutout curve. The one that was highlighted in your first screenshot.

Revolve that shape curve on the center of the pot?


Oh, well yes… that’s a bit embarrassing.

Thanks for the help rudi