Flow along surface problems

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I’m doing some modelling at the moment and I’ve had trouble with a certain action. I’ve drawn out an intricate cornice detail and wanted to applying it to a spiral using FlowAlongSrf like I have in the past.

I’ve made the two surfaces as normal but when I do the command, it send it flying all over the place, I just wanted the surface to curl round the extruded spiral as I’d measured the length both surfaces to be the same.

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v Pictures below :slight_smile:

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Hello - run the Dir command and make sure the U and V are matching on both surfaces and then in FlowAlongSrf, make sure (in V6) AutoAdjust=No. (oops, just noticed this is the mac forum… never mind about auto adjust)

BTW, in this case you could just use Flow from a straight line to the spiral curve and leave the surfaces out of it…


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Thank you Pascal! Very useful information, will give it a go! :grinning:

Hi Pascal, thanks so much! It worked! :grinning:

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