Flow Along Surface Problem


i’ve a problem regarding flowing along a object. How can i flow my object along the box? If i use flow along surface command, it flows only on one side of box.

Thanks from now, cheers!

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FlowAlongSrf is limited to one surface domain as the target… as you’ve found. The typical approach to flow across a polysrf is to make a temporary single surface that stretches across your polysrf seams. In the case of your box, I’d DupEdge the bottom edges>Join them into a single polycrv>and then Rebuild the polycrv into a single curve use a lot of points so it doesn’t get too wonky around the fillets. If you then make an ExtrudeCrv surface with this rebuilt curve, you can use that as the target surface in the flow. If you record history on the flowalongsrf command as well, you can tweak the position of the base surface to get the flowed objects to drop into the box a little… this can be helpful if you plan on a Boolean.

I hope that helps.

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